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autumn decor...

leaf garland

Good news!

I've finally gotten some fall decorations made and up! Yesterday I went out and collected some freshly fallen leaves (not dry and crackly ones). Then I brought them inside and dried them off (it's a wee bit wet around here), and got to work.

Well, it wasn't really work. I just took some crochet thread (I love that stuff...so useful!), threaded it through a big needle, and started stringing leaves together. Voila! I have a lovely garland of leaves, which is now hanging in my office!

They'll dry out, and I know that when I take them down I'll need to be careful so as not to get leaf bits all over. But for now they'll just stay in place and be wonderful.

Go out and enjoy some autumn...and have fun making!


  1. I love it! And it's so funny that you mention the dried leaf bits, because before I got to that part I was thinking about how careful you'll have to be when you take it down. :)

    I am also kind of kicking myself because I've been wanting to make a wreath like this but haven't found any craft store leaves that didn't look cheap. I didn't even consider going outside!

  2. Fantastic link! With real leaves your cost would be $0, and you wouldn't even feel bad tossing it to avoid awkward storage. I'm so gonna do this! Thanks!

  3. That is lovely! Nice green craft :)

  4. Love that garland! It looks great!

    I just saw your pumpkin brooch on the etsy front page! Congrats!


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