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done and done...

Lydia the Tattooed Lady

Projects finishing up. Above, a onesie that I've waited months to finish and give. Actually, it worked out that I didn't finish it until recently. The embroidery was all done, but it needed to be stitched onto the shirt. Well, I'm glad I waited, because by the time I was able to see little Lydia, I needed a bigger shirt!

Below, a detail of the family tree I made for my parents' anniversary. Watercolor like this isn't really something that I do, but I thought I'd give it a shot. Parts of it I like (such as the trunk with my parents' names "carved"), parts of it could use some work (the willow leaves weren't working, so I went much more impressionistic than I planned). I still had fun making it. And because all six of us are still just us without spouses (not surprising for the 3-year-old, more so for the 28-year-old), I opted to make this very non-traditional (but with room to add in names to go with those of us already there).

Family Tree


  1. awww...what lovely finished projects! Finished products always give much relief, too!

    By the way, do you add anything to inside of the onesie to make the embroidery less irritable to the skin?

  2. Actually, the way I do these, I embroider only the fabric. Then I attach the circle (or sometimes oval) using fusible web and the small running stitch around the edge. So, nice and smooth inside!


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