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another fowl sunday...

little bird, little bird

Actually, my Sunday wasn't bad. It's just, for a girl who really can't stand birds, they seem to be following my life. You may remember that last Sunday there was a baby chicken in my back yard. Yesterday there was a baby robin in my front yard.

This little thing was very loud, which was how we discovered it. The chirping made it sound like there was a bird in the house (thank goodness it wasn't!), but in fact it was just near a window. My sister and I went outside to take a look and it started hopping closer. Obviously it's not very tiny, but still, it wasn't able to fly...just hop. Eventually it came within about a foot or two of us. And that's when we started to hear...it would chirp, and then it's mama would chirp from across the street.

Slowly the little robin made it's way towards the street. And although I don't like birds, I couldn't bear to think of something happening to the poor thing. So we enlisted my brother to direct traffic, allowing the robin to cross. Once across the street we left it alone, trusting that it would find mama.

My goal is for next Sunday to be bird-free.

In other news, I watched the recent Masterpiece Theater production of Northanger Abbey, and fell in love with Catherine's hair. Which prompted this:

new bangs...

Self-trimmed short bangs. Risky, but...I love them. And I love how they look with my just-barely-long-enough-to-pull-back hair.

Tomorrow...June's Printable!


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