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a pathetic printable...

Pathetic Popsicle Sundial

When summer weather comes, you'll want to enjoy a cool refreshing popsicle. The downside is that it's the same summer weather that will result in a melty Pathetic Popsicle. Why not take both the hot sun, and a puddle of frozen treat, and put them to good use? Download the June printable, and you can have your own sundial!

Now, here's the disclaimer. This is a very non-scientific sundial. Creating an accurate sundial can be quite complicated, because it is dependent on where you live, the season, etc. In fact, I nearly gave up on this. But then I remembered the kind of sundial I made as a kid where you basically attached a needle to a paper plate, and marked the hours by going outside each hour and adding another number. Good stuff, this.

So, as you make your sundial, keep in mind that this is really all for fun. However, for some really interesting sundial examples, check out Karen's Sundial Page.


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