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seeing the future...

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Among the attic findings, we found this little book that goes along with "Tell Your Fortune Tea." The booklet gives suggestions to get started, such as "give your imagination free play," and putting yourself into a "child-like" frame of mind." It then goes on to list many images that may be seen in the tea leaves and what each means. The last few pages list different kinds of Ming teas that the Stephen Leeman company made. Here's a few symbols and their fortunes:

Fan: You are soon to be showered with attentions.

Dove: The person who will most influence your life will be a Quaker.

Faces: A photographer is on his way to you.

I'm not really into fortune telling, or anything like it (I'll admit that as a child I had a fascination with fortune telling fish), but I love this little book. And here I thought it was gross when there was "stuff" in the bottom of my coconut chai tea!


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