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new year...new room...

Happy New Year (a wee bit late)!

My life feels like it's in a bit of upheaval right now (more than usual), because I'm in the process of packing up many of my things in preparation for construction to my room. It's been a while since having to do this, so I'm reminded all over again of the "fun" things that go along with packing up your stuff. For example, there's making sure that you set aside the things that you'll absolutely need accessible for the next 8 weeks. And as I see that I can get by with not a whole lot, I wonder, "Why do I have all this other stuff?" Yet, I find it difficult to actually get rid of all the extra stuff. Why is that?

The good news is that it won't be too long before I have a better space to live in and work in. Now I just have to be determined to eliminate all that extra stuff as I unpack.

1 comment:

  1. Good luck with the packing! And yay for finding good things that were either forgotten or lost. Looking forward to craftiness!


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