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join the wild olive ko-fi klatsch!

Wild Olive's Ko-Fi Klatsch

It's just about 2023, and a new year is always a good time to shake things up a little. Which is what I'm doing with my little Wild Olive community! There are lots of ways that I connect with folks here on my blog, on Instagram, through my newsletter, and elsewhere, including a bit on Ko-Fi, which is kind of like Patreon.

I'm now expanding what I'm doing on Ko-Fi and om offering a full menu of options for my community, which I'm calling the Wild Olive Ko-Fi Klatsch. Now you can join a membership tier with a variety of options. Signing up gives you exclusive access to all benefits at that level (including some previous content), and you can either upgrade or cancel at any time.

Here's a look at that menu (with more details on the Wild Olive page):

Wild Olive's Ko-Fi Klatsch

And this is some of the fun goodies I'll be sharing with the folks who join!

Exclusive patterns in 2023 (for the To-Go Cup tier and above) will include coffee shop-themed designs for both embroidery and cross stitch (with a mix of coffee, tea, and treats).

Video call days/times (for the Favorite Mug tier and above) will be announced early in the month and are for the community to hang out online while crafting (no participation required...this is just for fun!).

15% discount codes (for the Jumbo Mug and Pastry Combo tier) will be posted at the beginning of each month.

Newly released patterns from my shop (for the Jumbo Mug and Pastry Combo tier) will get emailed out at the same time they get added to my shop. While I don't know exactly how often these will happen, I do have plans for new non-Christmas felt ornaments, some teeny tiny patterns, something inspired by a recent trip to Disney World, and even a larger embroidered quilt project!

If you don't want a monthly membership, you can still leave a tip to access some of the bonus content.

Connecting with the people who follow and support my work has always been something I love, and creating this space to do more of that has me so excited. I hope you join in! Of course, I'll still be posting patterns and projects here on my blog, creating things for my shop, and even making other kinds of videos and tutorials. It's just a good time to mix up the way I'm doing things to keep it all fresh!


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