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calendar // bea the badger wallpaper

It's November! That means it's my favorite month of the year and Bea the Badger is here to help celebrate! Do you know how to best celebrate November? With a cup of coffee and a good book. Because in the Northern Hemisphere, this is cozy time.

Bea is all about that cozy life. She reads more books in a month that some people read in five years! And it's always with a nice cup of coffee to sip on while reading. Okay, so sometimes she goes for tea and that's perfectly fine. No need to limit your hot beverage choices.

Okay, let's get this new friend up on some wallpapers. Because Bea also wants you to always have a quick calendar reference for your month. Grab whatever size you need for your screen!

I can't believe that there is just one more month of these Kawaii Crossing residents! It's gonna be a good one too. (Think holiday fun!)

Have a wonderful November filled with good books and alllllll the coffee!


  1. Thank you! ❤️

  2. I use freezer paper when I make cloth dolls specially for hands. I never thought about using it for felt. Great idea :)


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