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calendar // pia the pig wallpaper

It's a new month and a new Kawaii Crossing resident downloadable wallpaper! Meet Pia the Pig. Pia is a fashion designer and she's always creating amazing things to wear, from grand ensembles to fun everyday looks. If you've seen someone from town walking around looking fabulous, Pia was probably involved.

Now, I can't say for sure about Pia, but I can say that my sister and I both LOVE watching Project Runway (and Making the Cut). There's something about the mix of creativity, stress, beautiful clothing, personalities, and possible dissaster that makes these shows so exciting to watch. We confess to rolling our eyes and yelling "what are they thinking?!?" at the screen.

I think Pia would be one of the good designers though.

But now, let's get to these wallpapers! Download what you need for your computer, phone, or tablet below.

October snuck up on me, but I'm ready to enjoy this month and make some fun things...though I probably won't be designing any clothes any time soon!

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