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calendar // festive fruitcake house wallpapers

Well. December is here and that makes this the last set of Kawaii Crossing wallpapers for the year 2021! I can hardly believe how fast time has gone by and all of the amazing things this year has held. Lots of hard things too. But it has certainly been a fruitful year for me. So it's pretty perfect to have a fruitcake house for December, right?

Listen, I know that not everyone likes fruitcake, but I really do. My dad really does too, which is probably how I ended up being a fan. I've made it myself and I've also enjoyed the little loaves you find at convenience stores as well as the fancy kind that really is a gift. Again, I know that this might make me unusual.

Knowing how people feel about fruitcake might make this house one that lots of folks stay away from, so maybe its resident likes to be alone?

Now, as I start thinking about the fruitcake I want to bake, let's get you some new wallpaper for all your screen sizes!

By the way, I find it hilarious that if you search for the word "doorstop" on my blog, every single post from my archives is related to fruitcake. For someone who loves this festive treat, I seem to consistently refer to it this way...

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  1. Anonymous4:16 PM


    I was never a fan of fruitcake until I tried some from a company called Sothern Supreme. It is awesome and I try to order some every year.



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