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calendar // colorful cloud house wallpaper

Happy April, friends! I find April Fool's Day pranks to be pretty funny (within reason), and even as I'm typing this, I started thinking of funny things I could have done to the calendar wallpaper for this month. Taking out a week or two because it's already been a long year? Or perhaps adding in an extra day each weekend because we need it? I actually did none of these.

Instead I have a little cloud house that is under a rainbow. Because I don't know about you, but I think we could all use a few more rainbows. They don't come without rain (and even clouds in a way), so this house has some of that, but yeah. A rainbow.

To go with this, I already have a rainbow project to share with you soon, and maybe a few more along the way. We shall see. But now, are you ready for a Kawaii Crossing colorful cloud house for your screen? Choose your wallpaper below!

Last month my Kawaii Crossing house was inspired by a childhood favorite: The Smurfs. And while I wasn't thinking of it while working on this month, as I looked at this finished, the Care Bears came to mind. They had a cloud car, and I had the toy that was more like a cloud bicycle with a rainbow over it from front to back. Take a look and tell me you see how my childhood still influences my art choices. At some point we'll have a whole Sanrio conversation too.


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