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calendar // july's kawaii crossing bunting emporium wallpaper

Is it July already? Really? This year has been weird and both slow and fast and now here we are, halfway through 2020. I have mixed feelings about that, but I will say that I've been looking forward to this month ever since I planned out this Kawaii Crossing series. Because this month's shop is...the Bunting Emporium!

Now, you may not have ever seen a real bunting emporium, but two years ago on my Podcast, we had a conversation that led to us inventing this imaginary shop. And I've loved the idea ever since! When I thought about what would be good in July, I knew this was my opportunity to create my own version of this fun place to buy bunting and flags and banners, oh my! 

Just like these elements decorate your home (or other places), please enjoy some wallpapers to decorate your favorite screen!


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