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calendar // may's kawaii crossing bakery wallpaper

It's May and time to visit the Kawaii Crossing bakery!

I planned out most of the shops for this year back in January and I knew that May needed to be a bakeshop of some kind. Why? Because May was my grandma's birthday month and she's who taught me to bake! She taught me many things, and lots of things remind me of her, but baked goods are at the top of the list. So in honor of Nanny, we have a swirled pecan roll bakery.

Of course, in January I wasn't aware that we'd all be staying at home and many people would start baking for the first time. Nor did I expect that we'd have a yeast shortage! Thankfully we bake a lot at my house and we started this stay-at-home order with a decent supply, but it's dwindling. Maybe this little bakery has some extra they would share?

While I dream of baking Nanny's rye bread, pecan rolls, and coffee bread, you can go ahead and grab a new wallpaper.

(I'm also about to make a bread starter so I can continue to bake yummy treats even without packaged yeast!)


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