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calendar // march's raspberry jam wallpapers

It's time to march into a new month with a new jar full of jam! Raspberry jam to be precise. Yes, shelves of raspberry jam on wallpapers for your screns!

Truth be told, I struggled with this month's choice. I wanted raspberry, but it's a similar color to last month's jam. In fact, there are quite a few jams, jellies, and preserves that come out that color. Yes, there are others, and I have some worked into the schedule. But I also wanted a bit of seasonal-ness to these. (Yes, I made up that word, and yes, I'm fine with it.)

These are some of the challenges of planning out a year of illustrated (and eventually stitched!) jars of jam.

The real point here, though, is to get you some calendar wallpapers for your computer, phone, or tablet. Grab what you need and enjoy!

By the way, raspberry jam is one of my favorites. Like, I could very happily eat it with a spoon. How about you?

1 comment:

  1. I love raspberries also. I have them in my smoothie every day. Eating it with a spoon is great, think of all the fiber your getting. Thanks Molly all your jams are so cute.


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