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calendar // september back to school guinea pigs

And just like that, it's September. The weather has been cooler where I live, and so I guess I should have seen this coming. Never mind the school supplies that are everywhere, or even starting to disappear. Thankfully, Capt. Cuddles and Lt. Nibbles were able to get their paws on a few items so they can go back to guinea pig school.

If you're wondering what guinea pigs learn in school, today's lesson plan is "share your cucumber snack with your sister."

Anyway, they're showing off their new supplies and are ready to grace your screens for September.

These wallpapers will fit most devices (I use the iPad one on my lock screen), and they'll keep your company through this new month.

When I open up Blogger to set up a new calendar post, I always become very aware of how many (or often, how few) posts I've actually written in the month. August only had a total of four posts, which is a crazy low number for a girl who, at one time, posted nearly every day. Months like these are a good time to remind myself of the other things I've done outside of this blog. Here are a few of them!

Cross Stitch Food Puns

Technically, I designed these Christmas food pun cross stitch patterns prior to August, but the issue of Cross Stitch Crazy Magazine just came out, so it seems appropriate to share them now. You'll find them in issue 234, and you can keep your eyes open for more of my designs in future issues, because I finished another set last month and I'm working on another now!

By the way, these puns have me thinking of ideas for new patterns. Would pun-themed embroidery patterns be a fun thing you'd be interested in?

Kasuti Embroidery

Also in stitching, I researched and learned about Kasuti embroidery! It's a rabbit hole that I'm delighted to have fallen down. You can find my post on this beautiful Indian embroidery over at The Spruce.

Rainbow Emoji Mini Books

These rainbow mini books are based on emojis (❤️πŸ“™πŸ˜ΈπŸŒ΅πŸ’Ž☂πŸŽ€) and they're stitched together with a Japanese bookbinding technique. They're over at Handmade Charlotte. While you're there, look for my Wacky Arm Clothespin Dolls, inspired by Nintendo's new game ARMS.

Beach Windsock

To help hold on to summer, I created a Printable Beach Windsock project for kids at Hello Bee. And I'll point out that those little fish and other creatures make excellent embroidery patterns. Just sayin...

About The Town Mini Quilt

Oh, and August was also when we were finishing up the About the Town Stitching Club! During my stitching clubs, I stitch ahead of the rest of the club, but I'm still stitching and finishing things along the way. So this was a lovely thing to complete. AND I get to see tons of others as they stitch their own projects!

Now I'm working on the next club, and will post details here soon. But if you missed the last club, you can still purchase the entire set of patterns and instructions as one download.

August was definitely full, and I'm on track for an even fuller September. Maybe I'll even manage to post more right here at Wild Olive!


  1. Yes! Definitely am interested in pun themed stitcheries. 😊

  2. Jen in Ohio11:40 AM

    Mollie, do you have any idea when issue 234 will be available in the US? My local Joann's is the only place can find Cross Stitch Crazy and that issue is not yet to be found.

    1. I'm not sure...I'd just keep my eyes open.


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