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help for the challenges of working at home

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When people ask me what I do for a living, I take a deep breath and then attempt to describe my work. What I do doesn't fit into a tidy little box with a one-word title. In fact, I've stumbled over this many, many times. But now, this is what I say:

I create content for blogs, books, and magazines that have a focus on crafts and sewing. I also have an Etsy shop where I sell patterns that I design.

It's not a full description of all that I do, but it gets people curious. Inevitably, we reach this question: "And you can make a living doing that?" The answer to that can get even more complicated, but the reality is that however all of my work and circumstances come together so that I can make it work to work at home. Which brings me to this...

I've shared things from Ultimate Bundles here before, and I felt like the Ultimate Work-at-Home Bundle was one that you would want to see. Because maybe, just maybe, you're thinking of working from home to supplement family income or to build an empire. Certainly it's a bundle that I wish I had when I started building up all that I do.

Whether you're single, married, living with alone or with a crowd, working at home or working for yourself presents unique challenges. Telling people what I do is a small thing, but managing my time and handling finances are a whole other thing! Finding assistance for these challenges all in one place is so helpful.

Like everything from Ultimate Bundles, this is a large collection of resources for a steal of a price. It can almost be overwhelming to think about using everything, and that's because it would take you ages to use everything! Instead, it's better to look at what they have to offer and start with a few that would be the most beneficial to you.

These are the ones that I would have wanted at the start (and most likely for the long term!):
Crafting a Business 101: The Creative Business Plan
The Accidental Entrepreneur: The Juicy Bits
Project Management for Creatives: Principles to Simplify and Streamline Creative Work
Conquer Cash Flow: Get Paid Faster and Increase Cash Flow
But depending on where you are on your work-at-home journey, you'll find others that are just what you've been looking for. Find the complete list right here. You'll probably find that just one or two products make it worth the price of the bundle, and that all the other items are bonuses!

If you've thought that you might want to start an Etsy shop, become a virtual assistant, freelance in some way, it's worth taking a look at the Ultimate Work-at-Home Bundle. (But hurry, because this is a limited time offer!)

And just as a small disclaimer, I am an affiliate for this bundle (it's part of how I make a living working at home!), but I choose to share this because I respect the work of Ultimate Bundles and I believe their offerings can be a help to you!

Now, because I'm curious...do you work at home? What do you find your biggest challenges to be?


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