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project // felt valentine mitten garland

Valentine Heart Mitten Garland

In winter, I'm typically thinking about snow, penguins, snowmen, ice skates, and mittens. Rarely do I think about pink and hearts in January. But since it's time to take down the advent garland that's hanging over my bed, I thought that I may as well replace it with something pretty. Something handmade. Enter the felt heart mitten garland!

Originally, I planned to make this garland with bright colors (maybe a rainbow, because I always love a rainbow). But then I found some really cute DIY kits in the Dollar Spot at Target, and they were metallic pink. So I found my matching pink felt (I had to choose from five pinks that I have from Benzie!), and went all in for Valentine's Day.

Sort of.

I love pink any time. I also love hearts any time. So is this a Valentine's Day garland? If you want it to be. Otherwise, it's just a heart mitten garland that you can hang throughout the winter and in your favorite colors. Okay?

It's really easy and you can make it in an hour or two.

You will need:

Felt in at least two colors
Black embroidery floss
Mini clothespins
Fabric glue

Heart Mitten Garland Pattern PDF

Valentine Heart Mitten Garland

Use the template to cut out the mittens. Cut as many as you want on your garland. Mine is only as wide as a twin-size bed, so I made four pairs of mittens.

Fold over the top edge of each mitten and glue it down with fabric glue. It helps to press and crease the fold with an iron before you glue it, but it's not absolutely necessary. As you fold these, make sure you are making pairs of mittens, with some of the pieces flipped.

Valentine Heart Mitten Garland

For each mitten, cut felt a felt heart from contrasting felt. Embroider the faces with french knots and a scallop stitch.

Valentine Heart Mitten Garland

Glue the hearts onto the mittens.

Valentine Heart Mitten Garland

Make all of the mittens and let everything dry. It doesn't take too long, but it especially helps on the folded over part of the mittens so they don't start to pull up.

Valentine Heart Mitten Garland

Use the mini clothespins to attach the mittens onto the string. Put them as pairs or mix 'em up!

Valentine Heart Mitten Garland
Valentine Heart Mitten Garland

Now I have a new string of mittens to hang along with my metallic paper flags and faux leather chevrons. Yay!

What color will your mittens be?


  1. So sweet! These would be adorable here at home and for our great niece and nephews.

  2. Awwww, they are so absolutely adorable. Thank you so much for sharing. :D

  3. If you don't have tiny clothespins,you could also fold the tops of the mittens over the string or yarn you are using to connect them. :D I'm going to make these for my bed soon! They will look great strung up with the little led faerie lights on the copper wire I have strung up on my headboard.


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