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printable // peppermint candy ornament gift tags

Printable Starlight Mint Gift Tags

I love the show Adventure Time and one of the reasons is that the extra characters often resemble the things that I've been drawing for years. So when I was playing around with some designs and started to see this little peppermint starlight mint emerge, and that it reminded me of the mints in Adventure Time, I knew it had to become a thing. And so I made some printable gift tags that also double as ornaments.

If you or your gift recipient love Wild Olive or the quirkiness of Adventure Time, these are the gift tags for you. And while the wrappers aren't essential, they do make the tags extra special and more like an ornament.


Card stock
Glue stick or double-sided tape
Clear cellophane
Hole punch (1/8in is best for this)

Starlight Mint Gift Tag PDF

Printable Starlight Mint Gift Tags

Print the PDF on card stock and cut out the circles. Use a dab of glue stick or a piece of double-sided tape to hold a front and back piece together. Make sure that the tops are aligned as best as you can.

Printable Starlight Mint Gift Tags

Write the "to" and "from" on a mint, because once it's wrapped, you can't do that anymore! Cut a 6in high x 8in wide piece of clear cellophane, and center the mint face down on the wrapping.

Wrap the top and bottom over the mint and hold them in place.

Printable Starlight Mint Gift Tags

Tie the ends with pieces of string. It's helpful to tie a knot first, then add the bow. You don't get a photo of this process because it requires all the hands. In fact, three hands would be helpful, but using your teeth to pull strings works too!

Printable Starlight Mint Gift Tags

Punch a hole through the top of the mint, going through the wrapper too.

Printable Starlight Mint Gift Tags

Thread a string through the hole and tie the ends together to make it both a tag and an ornament.

Printable Starlight Mint Gift Tags

The last step is to trim the ends of the wrapper. You might not need to do this on both sides, but it looks nice to even them out or make them a little shorter.

Printable Starlight Mint Gift Tags

Tie them on your gifts and then let the recipients know that they can hang them on their tree too! Or, if you don't want them to be gift tags, leave off the back piece or double up on the faces so it becomes a double-sided mint.

Happy crafting!


  1. I just found you! WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ALL MY LIFE!!! I pretty much went back and stalked every single thing you have ever done..... and of course all your amazing patterns! You are so inspiring! Keep it up!

  2. Elyse2:24 PM

    I too am a fan of Adventure Time and these tags look JUST like Peppermint Butler!! I was unaware that you are an Adventure Time fan; perhaps more A.T. inspired crafts for the future? :-)

  3. Ahhw these are so cute!!

    x Annabelle


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