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embroider around the house with my newest stitching club

Around the House Stitching Club

Every time I get read to launch a new stitching club, I get all kinds of nervous & excited. And it's launch time! Cue the butterflies in my stomach! I've been working on plans for what will be nearly a year of smaller clubs, and they start with the Around the House Stitching Club.

Like my previous stitching clubs, Around the House is part embroidery and part English paper piecing. And it's all patterns that have to do with rooms in your home. You could even stitch each week's pattern in the room it goes with! (Warning: that might involve embroidery in the bathroom)

The club will have six weeks of patterns and two weeks of putting them together to make a mini quilt. And it starts on Tuesday, July 26!

Around the House Stitching Club
Around the House Stitching Club

The colors I chose for this are brights, but I'm throwing in some low-volume fabrics to balance it out. You can do the same, or you can change it up. The nice thing is that you can use the scraps you have for the EPP, and adjust the embroidery colors to fit.

Around the House Stitching Club

This is just a little taste of what this is about, but full information is available on the registration page. Sign-ups are officially open now, and they'll remain open throughout the club so you can join anytime. However, the introductory price of $5.00 is only available for one week! Once July 26 comes, the price will go up to $8.00.

So now's the time to jump in! And then tell your stitching friends, because this is so much fun to do as a group. Don't have friends who stitch? This is also a great way to meet people from around the world who are stitching along! You can do that by sharing your progress online with the hashtag #AroundTheHouseStitchingClub (and then interact with others doing the same!).

But first, you'll want to stop by the club page for more info, or sign up now!

Around the House Stitching Club: $5.00
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NOTE: If you are outside of the US or Canada, please visit my Etsy shop to sign up.


  1. GAAAAACK...........I am so excited about this new club I'm about to burst!! I know it's going to be tons of fun because your designs are darling AND your instructions are incredibly easy to follow and so well laid-out. Your color pallet must be very similar to mine as I find myself nodding and grinning whenever I see something you've designed and created. And embroidery with EPP??? Squeeee - like I said, I can hardly wait until the 26th!!!

  2. Hello there! I was so excited about this project that not only did I join, but I shared it on my blog (http://faithtrustandbreastcancer.blogspot.com/2016/08/blessings-from-bug-slow-stitching-sunday.html) and linked it to Kathy's Quilt's Slow Stitching Sunday (https://kathysquilts.blogspot.com/)! It's too wonderful to keep to myself! Blessings!


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