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wear some cuteness with new wild olive tees

A Rainbow of Floss Tee

Wild Olive friends, I'm very happy to share that you can now wear my designs on t-shirts! I guess technically, you could have embroidered my designs on t-shirts, but these are printed and I'm very excited about them.

When my first shirt arrived, I took to Instagram to show it off, and now I have a few others available too. All of them are printed on demand by Threadless, who makes all of my favorite tees.

A Rainbow of Floss Tee

A Rainbow of Floss is only on two types of regular t-shirts right now, but I may be adding a few other styles if I hear from folks who are interested in things like hoodies or such.

Something you should know is that the tri-blend tees fit on the small side. For reference, I typically wear a men's small or a women's medium (average fit). The shirt I'm wearing above is a tri-blend women's large and it's very fitted. So bear this in mind.

Sew Cute Thread Tee

This sweet spool of pink thread is the only one on a v-neck right now, because I'm still working out designs that work on this style without looking a little awkward for ladies. Ahem. (And this is available in other colors and styles.)

A Rainbow of Hexagons Hoodie
A Rainbow of Hexagons Baseball Tee

But A Rainbow of Hexagons might be my favorite. Because hexagons with faces in rainbow order.

Find these, and most like more to come, in my Threadless Artist Shop.


  1. I LOVE them!!! And to be clear, you're saying only the "triblend" tshirts run small, not the baseball tshirt or the regular tshirt?

  2. I haven't tried one of the regular tees from my artist shop yet, but from my Threadless experience, the regular women's shirts run smaller than the men's (to be expected). The baseball is a tri-blend, so that will be a little smaller than normal.


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