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making old new // a challenge for tackling the WIPs

Tackling WIPs

This year I'm looking for ways to make old new. But what constitutes old? Well, it might be vintage or maybe it could be something that I just haven't done anything with for a while. And I don't know about you, but I have a few WIPs (works in progress) that I haven't touched in months.

They've become old and they need to become new again. Because I know that finishing a few things will get me excited about them. Or at least they'll finally be used (or gifted!).

I haven't created a list of all of my WIPs, but I have half a dozen already close at hand.

So here's a quick challenge for us: grab whichever of your WIPs could be finished the fastest, and FINISH IT!

The cactus table runner at the top of the stack in the photo was mine. Even though I made most of it last June, there was just a tiny bit left to stitch on the binding. Now it's finally done. Yaaayyyy!

It makes me so happy, I'm about ready to grab another I can finish quick. Aaaannnd...I've picked up one of my long-term projects again too. Not bad!

So tell me...what will you finish first?


  1. One of my goals for this year is to finish my forgotten WIPs, but I still know I'll start a few new ones along the way :)

  2. we've had a WIP challenge going at our modern guild the last few months & I'm pretty proud of my progress. I had a jelly roll race quilt top (christmas fabrics) that had been sitting on my shelf for YEARS because I hate it. I got it out, did some revamping and it's now at the quilters! As soon as it comes home I"ll bind it up and mark it off as done! Yay!

  3. Does ripping out count? I unraveled a crocheted cotton bag that has been sitting for years waiting for handles to be attached. Wound the cotton and immediately started crocheting dishcloths. YAY me!

    Now if only I can finish my 50 states quilt :)

  4. I have so many WIP I wouldn't know where to start. lol. most of them are unfinished because I need buttons, or yarn, or stuffing. So I guess my first project would be to write a shopping list. :-)

  5. Shauna Jared7:54 AM

    Still working on my 50 states quilt ;) I hope to have that finished in Q1 2016! And I dug out a crochet chevron blanket I'm making for my son that I hope to finish this year... I started it in 2014!

  6. We are on the same page this year! I will be trying to get not only partially finished projects done this year, but also projects that are waiting in line to be started (I already have all the stuff). I am also going to try to resist starting anything new... I think that will be the hardest part! :)

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  8. I am on this path too! Found this quote on facebook. Planning to stitch it up "someday."
    Start where you are
    Use what you have
    Do what you can


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