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project // embroidered double hexagon ornament

Double Hexagon Ornament

When I designed the small size of the Emmanuel embroidery pattern, I did so wanting to make it into a hexagon. I didn't know what I'd make with that hexagon, but an ornament seemed right. And what's great is that you can make this ornament with any embroidered hexagons.

My ornament is made with 1.5-inch hexies. The basted hexagons and felt piece in the center are the same size, so if you want to change the size of your ornament, just make sure all the pieces are the same size.

Ready? Let's make an ornament!

Double Hexagon Ornament

Here's what you need:

Two basted hexagons
One felt hexagon
Embroidery floss
Thread or string for a hanger
WonderClips or pins
Scissors and needle

Double Hexagon Ornament

Remove the papers from the hexagons, then place the felt hexagon between the hexagons. Turn the felt hexagon so that the points are centered on the straight sides of the basted hexagons.

Double Hexagon Ornament

Clip or pin the three layers together and stitch around the edge of the fabric hexagons.

Double Hexagon Ornament

Cut a 6-inch piece of thread or string and stitch it through the top point of the ornament. Tie the ends together.

Double Hexagon Ornament

I love when a project can be made many different ways, and this is definitely something you can customize. Change the size, use any small embroidery pattern, or skip the embroidery and fussy cut your favorite fabrics. It also seems like the kind of ornament that I should make every year with a new design.

What will you stitch on your ornament?


  1. I really ought to make a dozen or so of these ornaments to use as gift tags. If the back fabric was plain so you could embroider the names (from and to)... The recipient would then have a reusable ornament to hang on their tree as well as the gift, and a remembrance of you.

  2. So true. I love your simple yet meaningful ornament and think I will make one this week.

  3. Love this! I was wondering the other day how to make it into an ornament. I've never made hexagons before, so I would have to look up your old posts for that. Wondering if I have time to make one or more. My Mother in Law would love this and it would also make a great gift for my son's preschool teacher. I was thinking of making her the felt baby Jesus ornament you have - that one might be quicker. Plus I'd also like one of these for my tree too. Thanks for the pattern.


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