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this is what i love // spending time with dear friends

Katie & Mollie in the Snow

I love spending time with dear friends. Who doesn't? But specifically, I love spending time with this dear friend. Katie Green.

She lives in England, so seeing each other in person is a real treat (although this is now our fourth time meeting face to face!). We Skype regularly, but getting to spend an entire week together, especially a Thanksgiving and birthday week? Well that's just too wonderful for words. I treasure every moment we have. Including running through fresh snow (which is thicker than Katie's ever seen!).

In regards to my previous mention of short posts this week, it's because I'm taking as much time as possible to be with Katie. I'm sure you understand!


  1. I thought Katie's name was familiar. I read her interview on the BBC regarding how she wrote her illustrated memoir. Such a beautiful book. Have a fab time, you two!

  2. Oh, the sweet joys of friendship! Good choice to keep blog posts short and sweet in the coming days. And happiest of birthdays to you, Mollie :-)

  3. We don't need extended post this week as long as we know you are having a good visit! Have fun!


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