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stitching and sketching behind the scenes

little sketches

The other day I was talking with my good friend about how it seems like we used to be able to do a lot more than we can now. There were times when I was posting here every day, plus releasing several new pattern sets a month. Plus more. I look back on that time and laugh. Or cry. Sometimes both.

Right now I'm not posting tons of blog posts or releasing new patterns very often. But I am doing plenty of the "plus more".

There has been much sketching for something super exciting and a ridiculous amount of stitching. Also for some very happy things! And I can't show you any of it. (Like, those sketches above are only there because they ended up becoming nothing.)

What are you working on these days? Fun things? I hope so. In the meantime, I've got a new free Halloween pattern up over on About.com.

Happy stitching and sketching and crafting and creating!


  1. Hi Mollie,
    Looking forward to seeing what you are planning next!

    I am working on a Cross stitch sampler at the moment, lots more in mind.

    Congratulations on your appointment at About.com. Well deserved!

    Barbara xx

  2. I used to blog. I used to sew and/or stitch every day. [sigh]

    I've been working on curtains for my daughter's new place for a couple of months - thank goodness they live in the middle of the woods so the only peepers are deer and possums!

    I always have a couple of stitcheries going - hoping to finish a "Travel Poster" for Arrakis for my "Dune" loving son for his birthday!


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