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printable // octagon spiderweb stitching card

Printable Octagon Spiderweb Stitching Card

We like to decorate our house for Halloween with spider webs. We work on the decorations all year round by carefully avoiding cleaning them out of corners. We find this to be the most authentic decor.

But if you're more into regular cleaning than I am, maybe you'd like to stitch a spiderweb? Or better yet, maybe your kids would like to give it a try! This printable stitching card creates a simple web for a sweet spider to hang out.

And since I've been playing with octagons this month, I thought it was a perfect shape for our spiderweb to spread out.

Printable Octagon Spiderweb Stitching Card

You will need:

Card stock
Black embroidery floss or perle cotton
Large sharp needle

Octagon Spiderweb Stitching Card PDF

Print the PDF on card stock and cut out the web and spider. Use the needle to poke a hole at each end of the gray web lines.

Printable Octagon Spiderweb Stitching Card

Thread the needle with floss or perle cotton and tie a double knot at one end. Stitch the web lines, but leave one of the "spokes" across the entire web until the end.

Cut a 24" piece of floss or perle cotton and starting at the outside edge, stitch the last spoke. Leave an 8-10" tail hanging off the side and attach the spider here. Tie a loop in the extra string on the other side.

The spiderweb can hang as a decoration, and the spider can hang down below, or she can play in the web!

Printable Octagon Spiderweb Stitching Card

Wouldn't it be fun to stitch a few of these to have hanging around your house? I bet your kids would be very excited to be able to help by stitching them, but I know that I had fun making one as an adult. You will too!

Happy Halloween crafting!


  1. Too cute! My grandsons would love making these...thanks!

  2. Thank you so much for sharing what you create with those of us who are not able to come up with these darling things on our own! It is greatly appreciated!

  3. Nicely done! But you know; actual spiderwebs are spirals...

  4. Ack - too stinking cute. Wonder what my "pet" spiders in the corners of my house would think?

    (Pssst - E Strea Chikitu, spiderwebs come in all shapes!)


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