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introducing wild olive's holiday stitching club

Holiday Stitching Club

We've stitched the seasons and the fifty states. Now it's time for some holiday stitching!

If you haven't heard about the Wild Olive Stitching Clubs before, let me tell you about what has become one of my favorite ways to connect with stitching friends from around the world.

Each Stitching Club has three components: embroidery, English paper piecing, and a project. And all of those elements work together. You do some embroidery, you use that embroidery with some paper piecing, and it all comes together in a project. You also get to share your work with others, which is great for getting to know other stitchers and encouraging each other along the way.

Holiday Stitching Club

My newest club starts on September 1 and runs for 12 weeks. Registration is officially now open, and is discounted through the first day of the club.

The Holiday Stitching Club will include six embroidery patterns of sweet little animals enjoying winter activities. It will also include six templates for making large pieced hexagons (with space for embroidery), as well as three projects to use the pieced hexagons.

We will make a mug rug that also works as a candle mat or trivet, a table runner, and a quilted fabric wreath.

Holiday Stitching Club
Holiday Stitching Club

Holiday Stitching Club might be a confusing name because nothing in the patterns will have a holiday theme to it. Rather, the idea here is that you can use these designs and projects for making holiday gifts and decor. Or you can just use them for your own winter enjoyment. (The club will end before we reach peak holiday season!)

You can choose to make the projects in wintery colors, Christmas colors, or really...anything you like! The hexagon templates use a variety of shapes and range from simple to moderately complex (the red, green, and yellow one shown below is the most complex).

Basic English paper piecing will be taught, and all necessary instructions for the projects will be included with lots of pictures. I recommend that club members have some basic embroidery experience. Throughout the club and beyond, I'm always happy to give individual help.

Holiday Stitching Club
Holiday Stitching Club

When you register, you'll receive a welcome PDF with a basic supply list, EPP instructions, and a bonus hexagon template. Then, starting Tuesday, September 1st you will receive weekly emails with the patterns, templates and projects.

All of the elements are sent via email, and club interaction happens through social media, so anyone in the world can participate!

Holiday Stitching Club 2015: $12

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If you are outside the US or Canada, please register in my Etsy shop. Thank you!

I'm so looking forward to share all of these designs with the Holiday Stitching Club, and even more excited to see what everyone is making! I hope you join us!


  1. hi Mollie!

    Is the end result one mug rug? (confused + limited coffee this am)

    thanks :)

    1. Sorry for the confusion, Kim! The instructions will tell how to make a mug rug using any of the pieced hexagon design and/or the embroidery patterns. There are a ton of combinations for that, so you can make as many mug rugs with the basic project as you want. All of the projects will make use of any/all of the embroidery and EPP.

      Does that make more sense?

    2. Yes it makes sense. Thanks Mollie!

  2. I'm so excited! The 50 states club spoiled me - I was used to getting an adorable pattern from you once a week for such a long time! Thank you for this adorable-looking club. I'm going to join up right now!

  3. I am ready for this one! I've been neglecting my stitchy side lately in favor of home improvement. Ready to sit down, be still and stitch!!!!

    Thank you Mollie!

  4. Just signed up for this one!I LOVE your stitch alongs and after reading the info and seeing the bonus template I am soo EXCITED!!

  5. Oh goody, this one looks like loads of fun!! Been wanting to support you for all of the great work you've done......cute book and heaps of wonderfully adorable freebies that you share on your blog - all appreciated!! Thanks so much and let the fun BEGIN!!

  6. I'm in. Quilt making has been my focus, but I'm ready to get back to needle work. Paper piecing looks easy, but whenever I have to sew and flip, my work ends up reversed. Hope springs eternal.

  7. Anonymous3:34 PM

    I am late getting started on this Holiday Stitching Club but it looks adorable. How do I catch up?


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