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cute tips from brandi & brent of kukubee

It's time for another Cute Tip! This week I'm incredibly happy to welcome a super cute couple that makes super cute things.

Kukubee is the home base for Brandi & Brent, but I most enjoy following them on Twitter because they share the cutest things! Most recently I've become addicted to the game Alphabears (look for it in your app store), which Brent did the art for. And Brandi is forever making adorable things from felt, and more. I might have a kawaii crush on them.

Here are two new friends with an awesome tip!

Brandi & Brent of kukubee here with our “cute tip!”

Did you know there’s a science behind cuteness? That’s right, you can make your characters 86.4%* cuter by finding the Goldilocks Zone of mouth placement. Too low? Still cute, but not exactly squee-inducing. Too high? Hm…something is a bit off. Juuuuuust right? “OH MY GOODNESS, I MIGHT CRY FROM ALL OF THIS CUTE!”

Imagine if the great Leonardo da Vinci had applied this rule to his famous Mona Lisa. Would humanity still be trying to unlock the secrets of her mysterious smile? We think not!

*percentage is completely made up in the name of cute art.

Seriously, Brandi & Brent? You couldn't be any cuter. Thank you for giving us a lesson in science and cuteness!

A note to all my bloggy friends: Cute Tips contributors are generously sharing their cutest secrets with us. Be inspired by them, but please, please, please don't try to steal their style! Be your own cute self!


  1. Anonymous11:17 AM

    Have you heard of 'Rescue on Cocoa Farm' and the 'Sushi Cat' games? SOOOO KAWAII! Here are links for them:




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