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lovely stars on pinterest

Mario Kart Rainbow Road Coffee Cuff

Happy Saturday!

I've been collecting some fun projects to make that all involve stars, and they're all on my Lovely Stars board on Pinterest. I've shared a few star things that I've made, and I keep finding more from other folks too. There are projects and patterns that use different techniques, and there are stars with a variety of points.

Have you seen any good star projects around?


  1. I just finished a 7 point star throw for a customer :D

  2. I just finished a 7 point star throw for a customer :D

  3. Hi Mollie, I'd like to make your lovely coffee cozy but the link from Pinterest said it couldn't be found. Barbara xx

  4. I would love to make your coffee cozy also--help

  5. Anonymous3:24 PM

    That happened to me too:(

  6. Here's one.

    P.S., Here's the real link to the coffee cuff. http://wildolive.blogspot.ca/2013/03/project-rainbow-road-coffee-cuff.html

  7. this looks so cool to make it :D but I think I will wait until colder days come :D

  8. Thanks, Kate, for posting the correct link. I'm not sure how that pin ended up wrong, but it's all fixed now.


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