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cute tips from marceline of super cute kawaii

I'm crazy excited about a new series that will run every other Monday here on Wild Olive. This started with someone at my house mishearing "Q-Tips" as "cute tips" and an idea was born.

As you probably know, I love anything that is cute. I bet you do too! So I got to thinking, what are the ways that we make things cute? Here's my go-to cute tip: Put a face on it!

But everyone has their own cute tip, and I've got some great guests lined up to share their own thoughts on cuteness. Believe me...these people know what they're talking about! Starting with Marceline.

You might know her from the blog Super Cute Kawaii, or recognize her artwork from her shop Asking for Trouble. I think you'll agree that she has cuteness down pat. Here's her tip:

The way I make everything cute is by adding impossibly tiny arms and legs. I always find it hilarious and adorable when I add them to my random doodles - they just look so happy and helpless. My very first Asking For Trouble character, Cakeify the happy cupcake, started the trend and now it's pretty much my trademark. When I was designing my 5 A Day fruit and veg characters, I had a lot of conversations with myself about whether an aubergine should have legs (no) or a banana have arms (a thousand times yes!).

Thanks, Marceline! You're super cute, and we're so glad you shared your awesome tip!

A note to all my bloggy friends: Cute Tips contributors are generously sharing their cutest secrets with us. Be inspired by them, but please, please, please don't try to steal their style! Be your own cute self!

1 comment:

  1. Aw this is going to be a great series!! Smiley face and tiny limps does make things cute!

    Katrina Sophia


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