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caregiver kits // a very huge thank you

I didn't think I could do it. I wasn't even sure that we could do it. But I knew that if God wanted to, I knew that HE could do it. And He did.

Since February 18, the start of Lent, 100% of the profits from my shop and blog sales have been going toward building Ebola Caregiver Kits. The kits include disinfectant, soap, medications, protective gear, and more. The need for these kits is urgent, and I felt that this was something important to work on.

The goal was $1500. That's the minimum number of kits I could order supplies for, and that makes 50 kits.

Well over 100 people made purchases during this time. They bought embroidery patterns, recipe cards, club memberships and Ultimate DIY Bundles. And after I subtract the fees from all of those (Etsy and Paypal still get their cut!), the total we raised was...

$1795! Goal met!

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU to every single person who helped make this happen!

But it's even better than that. Because an amazing, awesome, generous family emailed me to let me know that they are matching the entire amount. I can't think about it without crying. So a very special thank you to them.

I'll be rounding up the amount to have it come out evenly, which means that this week I'll be ordering supplies to make 120 Caregiver Kits, and assembling them with my family soon after. 120! That's more than twice what I thought would be difficult to do.

All glory to God, with much thanks to everyone who helped with an order and who spread the word. Be watching for an update on this when everything shows up and these kits come together.

If you'd like to contribute directly to World Vision's Caregiver Kits project, you can do so here. I know that every bit helps them help others.


  1. Woohoo !!! You made my day ! I am so excited for you reaching your goal and truly using your time and talent to bless others . Excited to see the finished kits . Many Blessings your way !!!


  2. Thanks for sharing your faith journey with us! Isn't God amazing? A privilege that He uses us to bless others. May you be blessed to the measure you pour out to others.

  3. That is so awesome!!! Congrats!! :)

  4. Congratulations! It's great that you raised more than your goal, and awesome that a family is matching the entire amount :)

  5. This is absolutely wonderful! Congratulations!

  6. I'm so happy! Congratulations, and fine, fine work!

  7. You're such a blessing! Have an AWESOME day!

  8. Hooray! Be sure to take lots of pictures to share!

  9. Anonymous8:19 AM

    you are wonderful my dear. congratulations


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