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on creativity // a free mini-course to reawaken


Do you consider yourself a creative person? If you are a regular Wild Olive reader, you probably do some creating, or at least you want to. Of course, not everyone who makes things by hand thinks of themselves as creative. Perhaps it's because they follow a pattern or have a hard time coming up with ideas. But I think everyone is creative or has creativity in them in one way or another.

Many people who work in a creative field are familiar with a book called The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron. It's a book I've looked at and flipped through, but never committed to. If you've never heard of it, The Artist's Way takes you on a journey of creativity, and it follows a regimen of exercises. Honestly, I've been afraid to do it, but I've known folks who have done it and it's been incredible.

Why should we exercise our creativity? Read these words from author Julia Cameron (from another of her works):

We are ourselves creations. We are meant to continue creativity by being creative ourselves.
This is the God-force extending itself through us. Creativity is God's gift to us.
Using creativity is our gift back to God.

-JULIA CAMERON, Heart Steps (via)

We all have times when we feel less creative, but when I read things like this, I almost feel a responsibility to create. A responsibility to use this gift and offer it back to my Creator.

But remember how I said that I was afraid to do The Artist's Way? I still am. But I'm doing another series of exercises, working through some thought-provoking questions, from another source, and it only takes 4 days. Plus, it's free!

Four Steps to Reawaken Your Creative Genius is an email-based mini-course that includes worksheets to get your creativity jump-started or back on track. It's funny, because even as I go through the questions, I realize how easy it is for me to fall into a trap of making without truly working with the creative part of my brain.

I want to fix that. I want to offer this back to God. Join me!

PS: I'm sharing this course because it's part of something exciting that I'll be telling you more about next week. You'll start to see things popping up about it, even as you check out this course!


  1. I've never heard of that book, but I will definitely check it out! Maybe we could have some sort of book club for The Artist's Way on your blog or something later this year?? I'm signing up for the 4 day mini course too, thank you!! :)

  2. Just wanted to encourage you to do the Artist's Way, but maybe at a point where you feel drained or just need refreshing. I did it about eight years ago. I recently re-committed to morning pages (an AW thing) and they are as helpful as always. I even got to take a weekend seminar with Julia herself in Sedona. My husband got major points for that one!

  3. I did the Artist's Way MANY years ago (like 20?) and should probably do it again. Going to check out this 4 day course now. thanks

  4. This book as crossed my radar, but like you, I have been a bit trepidatious about going through it. Of course, that hasn't stopped me from wondering how what I'm doing glorifies God and the gifts he has given me during the sometimes more boring part of what I do. Therefore, your progress will be watched with interest!

  5. My daughter gave me "The Artist's Way" a few years ago. Loved it. My goal is to read it again this year. Checking out the 4 day course. Thanks.

  6. Anonymous10:09 AM

    Too bad that the website gives no information about the class. I certainly would like reassurance that they will not sell my email address to everyone else, among other things.

    1. You could start a new email address specifically for things like this. :) That's what I do! :)

  7. Love that quote, Mollie. Thanks for sharing it and for encouraging all of us to give back to God whatever tidbits of creativity we might have!

  8. This is great--thanks, Mollie! I just love your blog. It's so inspiring!

  9. Thank you for the information! I signed up, and I'm excited to see what you have coming.


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