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the annual mollie's turning 29 sale // 2014 edition

This week I'll be celebrating my thirty-*cough* birthday, and one of my favorite birthday traditions is sharing the festivities with you! And what that means is that it's time for...

The Annual Mollie's Turning 29 Sale! I won't tell you how many of these we've had now, but I will tell you that this is your chance to save big on everything in my Etsy shop.

Today through Friday, the 28th, save 29% on your total purchase. Enter the code MOLLIE29 in the coupon code box at checkout, and your discount will be taken off immediately.

If you've been eyeing some patterns, now is the time to order!

Happy birthday savings to you!


  1. I am also having an annual 29th birthday this month, but mine is on Sunday. Happy birthday/anniversary to you! :)

  2. Heather8:47 AM

    Happy Birthday! I love your blog and hope your day is filled with love and light.

  3. Anonymous10:37 AM

    Happy Birthday Mollie! I hope your day is filled with lots of love, sunshine, and family! I hope you are surrounded with wonderfulness! You are the best and you deserve the best all year long. Happy Birthday! Love Bethanie

  4. How to choose? So difficult. Happy birthday

  5. Eliza2:29 PM

    Happy Birthday Mollie

  6. Yaaaaaaaayyyyyyy!!! (I'm doing a Kermit impression for you! hehe) Happy Birthday Mollie!! I will eat a slice of cake and think of you today. Hope it's a wonderful day!!

  7. Woohooooooo! Happy Birthday week! And thank you!
    (P.S. go lookit flicker - https://www.flickr.com/photos/sewinstitches/15248828714/) :)

  8. Happy birthday! Thanks for the sale!! :) I just had my 10th annual 29th birthday last month ;) LOL

  9. Happy birthday!!!

  10. Anonymous6:33 PM

    Happy birthday!


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