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my new old fabric stash


Today I was going to share a tutorial post, but got a little distracted. My mom was clearing some things out and handed me a box. A box full of old fabric. Suddenly I found myself looking through each piece and there were only a few fabrics that I even considered parting with. They're probably mainly from the 80s and 90s, with lots of Christmas prints, but they have potential.

Now as if it wasn't bad enough to lose a day being distracted by looking through the box, I can foresee the next few months melting away as I make plans to put them all to use!

Back to our regularly scheduled posting tomorrow!


  1. How lovely to receive such a treasure trove!

  2. I love the black fabric with white hearts!! its lovely

  3. Boxes of "new" fabric are the absolute bestest!

  4. Sometimes we are so caught up buying fabrics for projects that we are gonna do that we forget about the fabric we already have and need to use up. Use them wisely and with care.

  5. Uh oh - It's happening! Fabric hoarding/fabric addiction! :-) What a fun gift!


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