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mr. squirrel is helping me work today


Squirrel month on Wild Olive is finished, but my devotion to squirrels continues. This happy little squirrel mug came from Wal-Mart and I'm chugging down plenty of coffee today as I work on some happy little stitches.

I've got an English paper-pieced mug rug nearly done, patterns that I've been designing, and a few pumpkin projects to work on. They're all my favorites!

I hope you're having a very fine Tuesday!

PS: Don't worry. Mr. Squirrel didn't stay on this quilt for long!


  1. so cute,:p

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  2. Mr. Squirrel is adorable, as is the quilt he is sitting on!
    I am going to check my Walmart and see if I can find one :)

  3. Although Mr Squirrel looks happy enough there to stay all day. The Mother made Miss H one of your lovely squirrel needle keeps the other day. Adorable! it is now happily in use.

  4. Adorable mug.

    However, I cannot tell you my true opinion of squirrels...though my too-often-empty birdfeeder might be a hint. ;)

    1. Oh, believe me. I'm all "oh, what a cute squirrel....GET AWAY FROM THE PUMPKINS!!!!!"

  5. That squirrel mug is super cute. I will check Wall-mart to buy one for me :)

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  6. Cute mug! I got an owl one at Wal-Mart! :) Love the quilt too!!

  7. I have two squirrel plates from Wal-mart. Never saw the mugs! The quilt is a-dorable!

  8. Ahhhh! I have to find that mug!!! SO CUTE! That quilt too... WOW. Beautiful!

  9. My assistant needs this mug =)


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