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unfinished and unstarted

Embroidery colors

This week started with me thinking I was ahead. I was getting things done! My blog would be scheduled, writings would be written, samples would be sewed, and more. And really, a lot of things did get done. (I finished a quilt, for goodness' sake!) But I also have plans that remain unfinished or even unstarted. And yes, I did just make up that word.

In the midst of it, I've been thinking about writing a post about how to do it all (or not). This isn't that post, but I would love to hear your own personal thoughts or plans for accomplishing much without pushing yourself to the brink.

And for now, I'll be choosing pretty floss colors for a mega project that may surprise you... stay tuned in!


  1. I'm all for NOT doing it all. I always want to have everything under control and be more organized, but life just happens and that is a good thing.

    Nothing is too urgent or too important and life just go on even if you can't finish that post or color code your socks. Really.

  2. I set a small goal for that day. If I do it I feel great, if I get more done better yet. If I go out and get ice cream and get nothing done, that is a good day.

  3. I have lists....and lots of them. I enjoy crossing off items with a big red pen, but if a day goes by where I only complete one or two items, I'm good with that.

  4. I think this is a topic we all can constantly use :) I'm always struggling to get my projects I want to get done as well as keep my "real life" obligations filled. Who wants to do the dishes when they could knit a pretty sweater? Or sew a shirt :) I find what works best for me is to give myself a list of "chores" like a kid each day when I get home from work. I have to do a few of m chores before I can "play". This system works very well for me.

    1. Know what's funny? When I'm avoiding a big stitching project, I do dishes and laundry!

  5. I'm always trying to do more or to organize what I'm doing more efficiently. I love reading what everyone else does because I pick up ideas. There are 3 things I use regularly. 15 minutes, just 10, and one step a day. I use the 15 minutes with almost everything telling myself I only have to do something for 15 minutes. I usually end up do more. Or, if it's housework, most of the time, I finish in 15 minutes. Just 10 I use mostly for dishes and hanging up laundry when I'm too tired and just want to go to bed. Sometimes I only wash 10 dishes or hang up 10 items, but usually doing 10 gives me the momentum to keep going and finish. And if the house is feeling messy, I do a Pick up 10 to make it look better. Lastly, with a big project, sometimes, I try to do just one a day. I'm almost finished with my first sweater because my goal has been to just knit ONE pattern repeat (4 rounds in this case) a day. It makes the task seem smaller and just a little a day gets the job done.

  6. I make a to-do list! For example, I have a craft fair in November to get ready for, so I figured out what I want to sell and how many of each thing, then I figured out how many I need to make each week until the fair to get it all done.

  7. Sometimes I make lists, sometimes just follow my nose and do whatever calls me. Either way, get the same amount accomplished. However, it is much more rewarding to complete a needlework project than cleaning out a closet. In most cases the unfinished stitchery usually wins the toss. Simply love fabric and thread and yarn and like the feel of those in my hands. Does any of this make sense to you? A stitcher.


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