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stitching the 50 states

50 States Stitching Club

I love music. Always have; always will. And I love bringing it into my stitching and other projects, as you can see from my Lyrical Lettering patterns and Craft a Song of Christmas series', among other things.

While music wasn't the biggest influence on my latest stitching club, it certainly is playing a big part and is keeping me company as I work. The songs that fill my head aren't always what I'd typically listen to, though some are. The lyrics sound something like this...

This land is my land, this land is your land...

Oh beautiful for spacious skies...

This is myyyyyyy country...

And a personal favorite, The 50 States Song, by Sufjan Stevens. My dad seems to think that this is the song that inspired the Wild Olive 50 States Stitching Club. I neither confirm nor deny that.

50 States Stitching Club

For those not familiar with my stitching clubs, they started last year as what was meant to be a simple summer project. It grew and grew and became a year of seasonal stitching with a whole lot of wonderful stitchers. Club members receive a mini pattern each week and they all get put together into something at the end of the session.

You can read more and get full details on the registration page, but here's the basics:

The 50 States Stitching Club starts on July 1st and runs for a full year. Members receive 50 patterns (one for each state!), four small project tutorials (one for each region!), and instructions for one lap quilt, all spread out throughout the year.

The cost is just $30.

In the last year I have heard from so many people who have enjoyed the stitching club as much as I do, which says a lot, because I LOVE projects like this! And guess what...it's so much fun to connect with other people who are working on the same thing at the same time as you are!

Sign up below or on the 50 States Stitching Club page, and if you have any questions, please ask and I'll get back to you in the comments!

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  1. Awesomeness!!!! And I totally adore those wooden cubes you got!!!! xoxo

  2. I just purchased!!!! The first part looks so exciting and since I am a beginner at any sort of quilting, i am super excited!!!! I have a bunch of fabrics, but think I may need some coordinated ones! Thanks, Mollie!!!!

  3. Are you talking about "fif-ty nif-ty Uni-ted States from thir-teen o-rig-i-nal col-o-nies?"

    This is gonna be the best stitchy club to date!
    Thank you Mollie!

    1. Yes, indeed! Yet another song that I keep on singing. But only that one line, which is getting rather old...

  4. I signed up! I signed up! I'm super excited. Can't wait to start browsing for fabrics too. :)

  5. Hi! I love your designs but I was wondering whether you could let me know where you got those blocks? They look awesome!

    1. Aren't they great? Wait until you see the whole set! Here's the link: http://unclegoose.com/states-blocks/ We found them at Dieney World, but there's a place on the site to find them locally.

  6. Mollie,

    I just purchased my 50 states stitching club and am thrilled to get started! My goal is to make it scrappy and use up all my fabric that has been lounging around my house. Thanks for the stitching fun!



I often reply to comments in the comments...check back if you have a question!