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project // geeky-girly chewy pin

Chewy Pin

This will be the end of my Star Wars Day posts...at least for this year...and I've saved the silliest for last. You see, I'm a little bit girly and a little bit Star Wars, and I'm proud of both of these things. So I made a pin that shows my love. Chewy + Crochet Trim = Yes. Or maybe Chewchet?

Anyway, Nicole from Modern Handcraft sent me this Star Wars fabric after I went a little crazy for the Star Wars hexagons I saw on her blog. She's absolutely the sweetest. If you don't have a friend like her, you can find fabric like this for your geeky/girly pin (I think I spotted it at JoAnn!), or choose any sort of design you want. We can't all be Star Wars fans.

Chewy Pin

Here's what you need:

Star Wars fabric (technically, you can use any fabric here...)
Crochet trim
Pin back
Embroidery floss
Stuffing or cotton ball
Needle and thread
1-inch hexagon piece

Chewy Pin

Make two hexagons using English paper piecing. Center the image you want on the front of your pin (for the non-quilters, this is called fussy cutting). I wanted Chewbacca, but looking at that R2D2 hexagon, I think this would have been just as fun with that partial print of him on there!

Chewy Pin

Remove the papers from the hexagons (I gave mine a quick press with the iron first), then stitch the pin onto the back hexagon. Be sure to pay attention to which direction the front hexagon is pointing and match that on the back.

Chewy Pin

Baste the crochet trim onto the back hexagon. Take a couple stitches to start, then as you make pleats at each point of the hexagon, take a stitch or two. You don't need a ton of sewing here, just enough to hold it in the shape around the hexie.

Chewy Pin

Place your front hexagon on top and use running stitch to attach it to the back. Your stitches will go through the crochet to fully secure the ruffly trim.

Chewy Pin

For just a hint of puff, add some stuffing into the center before you finish stitching around the edge. You only need a piece about the size of a cotton ball...or use a regular cotton ball!

Finish stitching, then pin it onto your favorite bag or jacket!

Chewy Pin

Yes. Just the right amount of frill and geek.

I hope you have a very fine May the Fourth...I have a good feeling about this!

PS: I just heard that there's a giveaway for some Star Wars fabric...find it right here!


  1. This looks so easy. I love it!

  2. Anonymous2:55 PM

    Absolutely love this! The force is strong with this one!


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