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25 crafts of christmas // stamps

25 crafts of christmas // stamps

When I was younger, I used rubber stamps SO MUCH. I loved them and probably overdid it a little, so I use them far less now. But there's so much good that can come from this useful tool. At Christmas, they are perfect for making cards and tags and gift wrap and more. Today, let's make something from that "more" category!

What will it be? A little fabric banner to wish your friends and family be merry!

25 crafts of christmas // stamps

You will need:

Alphabet stamps & a holiday stamp (I'm using a little tree that my friend designed!)
Stamp pad (a fabric pad is great, but a washable pad will do)
Cotton fabric (with a tight weave)
Perle cotton embroidery thread
Pinking Shears

25 crafts of christmas // stamps

Here's what you do:

Cut out as many pieces of fabric as there will be letters in your banner, plus a few extra. Cut them at an appropriate size for your stamps. Mine are about 2 x 2-1/2 inches. Use pinking shears to cut the bottom edge.

25 crafts of christmas // stamps

Practice stamping on a scrap of fabric. The harder you press, the more likely it is that the ink will bleed, but if you don't press hard enough, the image won't stamp properly.

Carefully stamp one letter on each fabric piece. Stamp a few holiday images to use at the ends if you'd like.

25 crafts of christmas // stamps

Cut a piece of perle cotton that is long enough to accommodate all of your letters with about 12 inches extra. Thread your needle, then start adding the banner pieces onto the thread, going from back to the front to the back again.

25 crafts of christmas // stamps

Tie loops in the ends of the string for easy hanging, and you're all set to be merry!


  1. What a cute and simple banner. I do use rubber stamps on craft or paper projects once in awhile.

  2. This is such a cute little project! I love rubber stamps and don't have nearly enough of them. I need to up my collection so I can do some cute projects like this!

    Ladyface Blog


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