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happy apples at handmade charlotte

Happy Apple Napkin Rings

Yesterday, something happy happened! My first post as a Handmade Charlotte contributor was posted! Being invited to create special posts for them is a huge honor for me, and a blessing too. Thanks, Rachel and Jonathan!

Now, go visit Handmade Charlotte and download some Happy Apple Napkin Rings! (or as I keep accidentally typing "Happy Apply Napkin Rings")


  1. Anonymous4:52 PM

    That's such lovely news! Wherever I see your sweet little creations, there's no doubt whose they are =)

  2. cute! I just discovered your blog from while she naps :)

  3. these are so sweet! thank you very much!

  4. Anonymous3:15 AM

    These are the cutest. I think I might laminate the page before I cut them out so they last a little longer.


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