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the amazings: machine embroidered textile accessories

The Amazings Machine Embroidery Class

Back in June, I told you about a site called The Amazings. They offer video classes that are high quality, and much like watching BBC. In fact, when I was watching their latest class this week, my dad came in the room and asked "oooh, what show is this?" He was ready to join me, and in fact, as I watched the entire course in my kitchen, many family members came by to watch for a time.

The new Amazings class is from Gilda Baron, who creates stunning textile landscapes using both hand and machine embroidery. For the class, she teaches a form of machine embroidery to make floral necklace, and passes her knowledge on to viewers and Lara, editor of Mollie Makes. I typically prefer hand embroidery, but this is different from standard machine embroidery, having its own look and purpose.

The Amazings Machine Embroidery Class

When The Amazings contacted me about this new class, I told them I don't have a sewing machine that does embroidery, so how could I use this? I watched the class anyway, and found out that a regular sewing machine works for this! You only need to change the foot, and make a few adjustments. Then it's just a matter of coloring in your design with the sewing machine! Okay, so it's a little more complicated than that, but after watching all of the segments (there are 12, for a total of 78 minutes!) I felt like this is something I want to tackle.

I still need to go out and buy the correct foot for my mom's sewing machine, and maybe some fancy thread, but (and I can't believe I'm saying this...) free motion machine embroidery...here I come!

And happy news! If you sign up with a paid registration for the class, you can enter to win a sewing machine valued at $450! The contest goes through September 15th, and full details are on The Amazings website. If you're wanting to learn how to use embroidery in a new way, this is a great opportunity to learn, and possibly win an Amazing prize!


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