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spend some time @ while she naps

Every other Friday I like to suggest a blog that you might enjoy spending some time exploring. Today I'm pleased to share my friend Abby's blog, While She Naps. You may be familiar with Abby's work, as she wrote Stuffed Animals, which I reviewed a few months ago. If you like making soft toys, running a creative business, or both...you'll want to check out While She Naps.

Abby makes some of the cutest projects AND she tackles topics that I think other bloggers are afraid to. So, you'll learn how to make a super sweet bear, design your own toys, consider why craft authors keep secrets (any why maybe they shouldn't!), and lots more. Her blog is very well organized, so I suggest that you start out checking the tabs along the top so you can get a quick overview of all her content.

But first, here are a few great how-to posts that I think you'll like!

August is bird month here, so how perfect is this ornament?

A pickle with a face? Yes!

And I love this little guy...it's featured in a post on choosing fabrics.

Now, have a great weekend, and spend some time at While She Naps!

All photos copyright Abby Glassenberg. Used with permission.


  1. Lilly7:28 AM

    Hi, Mollie. I love seeing your recommendation posts, but I usually don't have time to go view the recommended site when I'm reading the post. I like to come back later and go through the recommendations at leisure. Is it possible for you to add a tag/label to your "Spend Some Time" posts, so that they are easily searchable? If not, that's okay, and thanks for taking the time to share the interesting things you come across on the internet.

    1. Hey Lilly! These posts are categorized, and the label linking to them can be found just under the date at the very end of the post. Here's where they can all be found: SpendSomeTime@

  2. thank you for sharing, her blogging tips are fantastic!

  3. Woah. So cute! Checking it out immediately!

    Ladyface Blog

  4. Thank you so much for featuring my work here, Mollie. I love your blog and I love your embroidery patterns. I feel so honored to know you and to count you as a friend! Thank you!


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