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review: country woman magazine

Country Woman Magazine

When I decided that August was going to have a few bird patterns, projects and printables, I started with the wallpaper that I share each month. I showed one of my siblings and they told me that it looked more like a chicken than a bird. Okay, so first...that's a bird. But second, that made me happy because I was aiming for folk/abstract, but kept thinking of chickens as I was drawing.

Just in time for all of this, Country Woman Magazine contacted me to inform me about their latest issue. The cover story is all about author and illustrator Jan Brett...and her chickens! What could be more perfect for a month of birds (that look like chickens)?

Country Woman Magazine

My family have been fans of Jan Brett for a while now, and are proud owners of an autographed copy of one of her books. She has such charm to her illustrations, and you can't help but get drawn in to the drawings...to the worlds...she creates.

Learning more about the environment she surrounds herself with and the inspiration she draws from that was so interesting. I highly recommend that you check out the article.

Country Woman Magazine
Country Woman Magazine

And while you're looking at Country Woman, you should also note that they have some nice little crafts tucked into the pages, as well as on their website.

I'm not a regular reader, but I enjoy stopping by their site from time to time, and am thankful to them for sending me this issue to review!

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  1. Kathi1:41 PM

    Our family loves Jan Brett, too! We read "Twas the Night Before Christmas" each Christmas eve night, and our book is illustrated by Jan- it is soooo fabulous! Each year we see something new in the pictures! It will be great to read up on her latest in Country Woman... thanks, Mollie!


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