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spend some time @ lark crafts

On Monday I shared some very lovely news, and I'm pleased to say that Lark Crafts is who I'm working with. They've been my favorite for a long time, and they locked the top spot with their offer to publish my book. Actually, their offer was more of a suggestion that I should write a book, but that's for another time.

Anyway, this weekend, I'd like to recommend that you spend some time at Lark Crafts.

Their Needlearts section has things that I get most excited about (including plenty of free projects!), but there's lots more to find. Perfectly timed for Wild Olive's Book Month, you can even get a peek at a new title all about making books!


  1. Congrats on your book deal! That's simply wonderful :)
    This book above looks really neat. I love making books and will take a peek. Much continued success! I love your blog and your patterns!

  2. How exciting! I always love the craftiness you're up too! Can't wait to read it. :)



  3. AnneH9:25 PM

    Oh Mollie! I am super excited for you! Fantastic news - I will definitely buy a copy! By the way, I am loving the Summer Stitching Club - so much fun! Just posted my WIP photos in Flickr (AVH).


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