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on the loss of kathreen

PB&J Game

Yesterday's tragic news about Kathreen of Whip Up, and her partner, has not left my mind since I read about it. Having had the privilege of welcoming Kathreen as a guest here on Wild Olive and to guest post on Whip Up on more than one occasion(the game pictured above was created for a series) was such an honor. She crafted more than just a craft blog. She developed a place where creators shared their hearts and passions and all that a creative life entails.

I am quite stunned and saddened and invite you to please pray for her children and family, lifting them up and helping as you can.


  1. my eyes start filling with tears every time I read it, I really can't believe it.

  2. I just can't imagine what their kids are going through, having watched, helplessly, from shore. My prayers go out to them.


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