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getting ready for summer stitching

a summer sneak peek

I've been working on a little something for this summer. Actually it's a group of little somethings that will come together in a bigger something. I've been having a hard time keeping a secret, and some of you already know about it. Because I had to break the news to someone. (There are benefits to being on the Mailing A-List!)

For the past three summers I've offered online embroidery classes. I have loved doing that, and I'll do it again (plans and ideas are still forming), but I needed something different this year. Something a bit more manageable. I'm betting you understand, because summer can get very busy.

This summer, I wanted relaxed stitching and one project instead of fifteen. And so a club was born. Actually, I think a club was re-born, because my regular Pattern of the Month Club is on a break, but I couldn't resist getting back to it.

summer sneak peek

Without giving everything away today, come back Tuesday to learn more about the Summer Stitching Club. It's stitching and hexagons and summer and relaxing and a real deal for you!

Seriously...I'm so excited about this!

Speaking of online classes, last summer's The Embroidery Project: Re-Sized is finally available in PDF format! (It only took me nine months to finish...) You'll find it now in my Etsy shop.


  1. I will be purchasing this for my 30th birthday. Yep. Dork.

  2. Hey,I bought mine for my 31st birthday! :-)

  3. I'm so excited about the Summer Stitching Club too! I'm done with school until August, and my summer schedule has at least an hour every day to improve my embroidery skills. This sounds like the perfect opportunity!

  4. I'm turning 33, an I too old? ;-)

  5. Oh my I am excited!!! I feel like I kinda maybe know what it is. I love hexagons!!!

    1. But my guess maybe completely wrong :-)


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