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a new year is almost here


I feel as though I have two thousand and thirteen things to say, but not enough time or energy to sort it all out and share. (My head is cloudy with snuffly congestion and holiday residue.)

Tomorrow brings a new year.

I'm excited about this one. Good things are planned. Good things are happening. I'm ready. And yet, this Peanuts strip that I recently saw on a trip to the museum really resonates with me:

I'm not finished...

So yeah. I'm not finished with last year...but I'm ready for the new year too. With that in mind, I may just ease my way back into the full blogging schedule. Or I may jump in with two feet. We'll see.

Either way, thanks for a great 2012 and I'll see you next year! (hehe...it never gets old...or does it? no matter...I'm perfectly fine with cheesy...)


  1. Have a wonderful New Year, Mollie! xxx

  2. Happy 2013!!! ƪ(ˆ◡ˆ)ʃ*


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