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z is for zzz

M - Mollie

Today, an old self-portrait in which I look like I'm sleeping. But of course, as this is a self-portrait, I was fully awake. But it fit well because today, the last day of Alphabet Month, Z is for Zzz.

I love sleep. I need sleep. I don't do well without sufficient sleep. And yet, I sometimes need to go with very little. Those are not happy times, and I see some of those days coming along. But the happy part is that there are good things coming out of my long nights. (Like the Christmas goodness that starts tomorrow here on Wild Olive!)

Sleep well, friends! Even if that's just a 5 minute nap to get you through!

PS: If you're interested in more alphabet action, check out Meet Me at Mike's where you can play along for a Month of A to Z!


  1. congratulations on completing this project. looking forward to seeing what's next...
    Oh, and wishing you the best of zzzzzzz

  2. Enjoyed your A-Z month! And I am tired too. We can sleep in January, maybe?


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