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j is for journaling thanks

Journaling Thanks

In just over a week it will be Thanksgiving here in the United States. A common tradition on Thanksgiving is to go around the table and tell what you're thankful for, but what if you held onto those thankful things a bit longer? I liked the idea of keeping your thanks so much that I decided to make today's alphabet honoree J for Journaling Thanks.

Journaling Thanks

I've made a simple paper journal with printable pages that each say Give Thanks. It's quick to put together, and doesn't require unusual supplies.

Here's what you need:

1 piece of construction paper
6 copies of the Give Thanks PDF
Brads (paper fasteners) - I used both standard and tiny scrapbooking sizes
Hole punch(es) - I used Fiskars 1/8-inch and 1/16-inch

1. Cut the construction paper and Give Thanks pages in half.
2. Trim about 2.5 inches off the end of one piece of construction paper.
3. Stack all the pages with the construction paper at the front and back, and with the Give Thanks message showing.

Journaling Thanks
Journaling Thanks

4. Punch three 1/8-inch holes, evenly spaced, through all the papers. (I clipped my pages together with binder clips, and was able to punch them all at one time.)
5. Punch additional 1/16-inch holes between the first set of holes.
6. Slide decorative brads through some of the small holes and spread the prongs to hold them in place. (Mine were really tiny!)

Journaling Thanks
Journaling Thanks

7. Slide standard brads through the holes going through all the layers and spread the prongs to hold them in place.

Now you're ready to grab a pen and start journaling your thanks!

Journaling Thanks

Some ideas for using this:

-On Thanksgiving, write down the things your family is grateful for.
-Make a journal for each of your children and encourage them to keep track of the things they are thankful for.
-Pass the book around for each of your Thanksgiving guests to share what they're thankful for (little ones can draw their thanks!).
-Keep the book handy and add your gratitude any time you recognize it.
-Journal your thanks each month, then read your entries next Thanksgiving as you gather around the table.

Know what I'm thankful for? I'm thankful for this blog and all of you who read it. I'm thankful for fun things to craft and create. And I'm thankful for a God who has planned out this amazing life that I live!

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  1. Anonymous5:43 PM

    I love this idea! We don´t have Thanksgiving but this can still be done without a special reason :) It´s a good reminder not to take things for granted and to realize how blessed we are :)


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