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project: felt & fabric tie-on bracelet

Felt & Fabric Tie-On Bracelet

This bracelet takes about two minutes to make, and is a great soft textured jewelry piece. It's the kind of bracelet that I like to wear, but it would work really well for kids to both make and wear!

I've used wool blend felt for mine, which might sound itchy, but's not, especially with the fabric breaking it up. At least to me. Even less itchy is the 100% wool fancy felts that you can order online! Of course, you can skip the wool all together and make this with suede or another non-woven...

Felt & Fabric Tie-On Bracelet

Here's what you need:
Felt (I used wool blend) cut to 3/4 inch by 5-1/2 inches
Fabric cut to 3/4 inch by 12 inches
Rectangle hole punch (I LOVE this one) or scissors

Felt & Fabric Tie-On Bracelet

Punch or cut slits in the felt strip. If you're using a scissors instead of a punch, fold the fabric in half, and make a small cut on the fold.

Make an even number of slits evenly spaced. I punched eight slits.

Felt & Fabric Tie-On Bracelet
Felt & Fabric Tie-On Bracelet

Fold the fabric strip so you can slide it through the slits, then weave it back and forth through the holes.

Felt & Fabric Tie-On Bracelet
Felt & Fabric Tie-On Bracelet

Tie the bracelet onto your wrist with a loose knot, or a tiny bow. You should be able to get it on and off by yourself, but if not...grab a friend and make it a friendship bracelet!

If you want to tie a larger bow and make it more of a statement, simply use a longer strip of fabric. Want to make this into a belt or a headband? Make the whole thing longer!

I really like the versatility of this, and will likely make lots more with all my favorite fabrics...


  1. So cute! I love the choices of fabric here - I would love to try this with a faux suede like you suggested, very neat!


  2. Laetitia2:04 PM

    Very nice ! Before you mentioned it at the end of your post, I was thinking how great it would be as a head band...
    Cute, quick and easy made : perfect idea for next little girl's present !

  3. This turned out super cute! Where did you get your fabric? I am in love with it!

    1. It's Lecien fabric, and it came from http://www.etsy.com/shop/sewdeerlyloved

  4. We made one!



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