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look back: dull pencil toppers

pencil topper

Sometimes I like to look back at old posts, dig out the good ones, and then post them again. Today I have two for you to check out!

The first is an embroidered pencil topper. It's easy to make, and could be adapted to use other patterns, if you're not feeling the need to top a pencil with a pencil!

Dull Pencil topper

The second is a set of printable pencil toppers. Here you can once again top your pencil with a pencil...or you can confuse things with a special pencil made for a pen!

Looking for more fun school supply designs? Check out my digital kit on Kitschy Digitals!


  1. You have such perfect ideas! It makes me smile once again.

  2. Your first photo project made me smile...my father works for an educational assessment company. Each year at their holiday party their band comprised of employees across the firm play originally composed songs about education, testing, and the like. The name of their band is the Number 2 Pencils.

  3. SO CUTE!! I'm loving the back to school things you are doing! Perhaps making CLASS JOBS labels?


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